Bathroom with Freestanding Tub Next to Shower & Rustic Elements

Bathroom with Freestanding Tub Next to Shower and Rustic Elements

This bathroom cleverly blends rustic elements with contemporary design, creating a cozy yet chic atmosphere. The eye is immediately drawn to the freestanding tub, with its smooth white surface and organic shape, providing a modern contrast to the room’s more rustic features. The tub sits on a floor of warm-hued bricks, which adds a touch of farmhouse appeal to the space.

Let’s turn our attention to the shower, surrounded by a frameless glass cover that gives it a modern vibe. Inside the shower, the marble tiles add a touch of luxury and classic style. The hardware has a classic look with a metallic finish that gives the room a vintage feel.

Lastly, notice the shiplap walls? They’re a nod to rustic interiors, offering texture and interest without overpowering the space. The window frames a view outside, inviting natural light to pour in and brighten the room. And don’t miss the industrial-inspired lighting fixture above; it adds a bit of edginess and illuminates the space with a warm glow.

Ready to replicate this look?

Here’s how:

1. Mix Textures: Combine smooth modern surfaces with rustic, tactile materials.
2. Play with Patterns: The brick floor pattern adds a dynamic touch—don’t be afraid to mix patterns.
3. Choose a Standout Tub: Make your tub a statement piece for an instant luxe feel.
4. Opt for Classic Fixtures: Select shower and sink fixtures with a vintage look to add character.
5. Light it Right: Pick a unique light fixture as a focal point, but make sure it gives off a warm, inviting glow.
6. Keep it Airy: Use glass shower doors to open the space and shiplap to add depth without heaviness.