Contemporary Bathroom with Separate Shower and Tub

Contemporary Bathroom with Separate Shower and Tub

This bathroom marries the comfort of the old with the sleekness of the new with a separate shower and tub. It’s proof that you can have the best of both worlds, creating a space as stylish as soothing.

Starting with the freestanding tub, it’s a nod to vintage style, making a statement with its classic clawfoot design. It’s positioned as a perfect place to unwind, with a side table that says “luxury” in a whisper. Imagine sinking into bubbles here, maybe with a book or a glass of wine—pure bliss.

Next, the shower. It’s all modern, with a glass door that keeps the look clean and crisp. The subway tiles are a timeless choice that reflects light beautifully, amplifying the sense of space. The multiple showerheads? They aren’t just fancy; they offer a customizable shower experience.

The color scheme is soothing, with soft grays and bright whites making the room feel fresh and airy. The artwork above the tub adds a splash of color that draws the eye and infuses energy into the room.

The floor is a show-stopper with pebble tile detailing, adding texture and a spa-like quality. Plus, it’s practical for wet feet post-shower, helping to prevent slips.

The woven window shade and the rug introduce texture and warmth, which are crucial for a cozy atmosphere. And the wooden bench? It’s not just for sitting; it’s a place to stack towels or clothes, combining function with fashion.

How can you nail this look?

Now, for those looking to replicate this look, here’s how to start:

1. Classic Tub: Invest in a freestanding, clawfoot tub for instant charm.
2. Subway Tiles: They’re affordable, stylish, and timeless.
3. Artwork: Choose bold pieces that add a pop of color.
4. Mixed Textures: Combine different materials like wood, glass, and fabric for depth.
5. Accent Pieces: Small tables or stools add practical elegance.