Bathroom Design With Freestanding Tub Next to Shower

Bathroom Design With Freestanding Tub Next to Shower

Every piece in this bathroom feels curated and intentional. There’s a harmony between the luxurious feel of the marble and the homey warmth of the wood. It’s a calming space that doesn’t try too hard, so it works well.

At first glance, this bathroom exudes a sense of serene elegance, thanks to its airy color palette and natural light. The space is bright and open, with marble tiles that lend an uninterrupted flow. These tiles are not just beautiful; they’re also durable and easy to clean, making them a top choice for both luxury and practicality.

The freestanding tub with its smooth curves is the star here, giving the room a touch of timeless luxury. It’s paired with a sleek, glass-enclosed shower, showcasing how well classic and contemporary elements can mingle. The minimal shower frame enhances the openness, while the rainfall showerhead is like a daily dose of indulgence.

Now, let’s talk lighting. The drum chandelier adds a soft glow and a bit of drama without overpowering the space. It’s all about balance. Soft, natural light filters in through the window, complete with a simple but elegant Roman shade that offers privacy and style.

Texture plays a big role, too. Notice the cabinetry beneath the window. Its wooden finish brings warmth and a natural touch, breaking up the coolness of the marble.

How do you get this style?

Replicating this look is all about keeping things light and cohesive. Here’s how to pull it off:

1. Marble Magic: Start with marble tiles to create a luxurious and seamless backdrop.
2. Standout Tub: Choose a freestanding tub for an instant focal point.
3. Glass Shower: Install a glass shower to maintain an open feel.
4. Light it Right: A chic light fixture can be both functional and a design statement.
5. Wooden Accents: Add wooden elements for a dash of warmth.
6. Window Dressing: Opt for light, textured window treatments that offer privacy without sacrificing light.