Decorate a Christmas Tree with Rustic and Homemade Aesthetic

Decorate a Christmas Tree with Rustic and Homemade Aesthetic

Decorating your Christmas tree in this style is all about embracing a rustic and homemade aesthetic. Here’s how you can achieve this cozy look:

Begin with a lush green Christmas tree, preferably one that’s nice and full to give you lots of space for ornaments. Position it in a cozy corner of your room, just like in the photo.

Now, string the lights throughout the tree. The aim is to have a soft glow highlighting your decorations, so weave them in and out of the branches from top to bottom.

This tree has a natural, handcrafted theme. Use ornaments made of wood, felt, and other natural materials to achieve this vibe. Start by hanging the larger ornaments, spacing them out evenly. Then fill the gaps with smaller ones, distributing them throughout the tree to create depth and interest.

The ornaments here stick to a neutral and white color palette, with little pops of gold. This keeps the look cohesive and lets the textures stand out. Wooden snowflakes, stars, and other whimsical shapes give it that homemade charm.

Don’t be shy with the garland. Here, a simple white garland spirals down the tree, adding to the wintry feel.

For the tree topper, choose something understated but in keeping with your theme—a simple star, an angel, or a large wooden snowflake would work perfectly.

Finally, lay a tree skirt or some cotton batting to mimic snow at the tree’s base and arrange your presents around it. This tree has a lovely little village scene, adding an extra touch of whimsy.

Remember, the goal is to create a feeling of warmth and handcrafted joy. Each ornament should feel like it has a story, and the overall look should be inviting and homey.