Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity With Sink

Modern Floating Bathroom Vanity With Sink

This vanity is modern, and it floats! It’s like a magic trick. The vanity is off the ground and attached to the wall. It has dark wood drawers with silver handles. They’re great for keeping things neat.

The top is white and long. It has a built-in sink. It’s big and white, very clean-looking. There’s a big mirror above the sink. It reflects the room and makes it look bigger.

Above the mirror, there are hanging lights. They’re long and white too. They give off a soft light that makes the room feel warm. The floor has white and blue tiles. They’re small and look like honeycombs.

This vanity is cool because it doesn’t touch the floor. It makes the bathroom look bigger. And it’s easy to clean under it. The mix of dark wood and white is stylish. It’s simple, but it looks very fancy. It’s perfect for an up-to-date bathroom. It’s like having a piece of a modern art gallery in your home!

Image: monarchkitchenbathdesign