Lavender Bathroom Window Curtains

 Lavender Bathroom Window Curtain Idea

It’s a simple setup of curtains in the bathroom window, but it’s effective. It feels airy, cohesive, and just whimsical with that swoop of color. Perfect for a bathroom where you want that balance of light, privacy, and a bit of personality. Let’s dive into this bathroom window treatment.

First, we’ve got a sheer white curtain letting in all that natural light, which is always a plus in a bathroom. It keeps the space bright but still gives you a sense of privacy. You can enjoy the sunlight without giving the neighbors a show.

Now, this lavender drape has been swept to the side, almost like a sash. It’s a lovely touch, isn’t it? It adds a dash of color and softness to the room without being too in-your-face. And the way it’s tied back is quite casual, which makes the space feel relaxed and welcoming.

What’s smart here is that the color of the drape matches the towels. This pulls the room together, giving it a coordinated look. That attention to detail can make a space feel thoughtfully put together.